Our weekly General Assemblies have been moved to Mondays.  They will still occur at the usual time of 7:00pm and at the usual place of Joe Muggs inside Books-a-Million.

See you all there!



Hey everyone don’t forget about our meeting tonight at 7pm in Joe Muggs inside Books-a-Million!

December 13th General Assembly


We discussed running candidates and moving quickly to get the needed signatures.  We talked about possible locations to collect signatures and some locations were the Carthage Public Library, Joplin Public Library, and Webb City Public Library.  January 3rd’s GA we will have the papers needed to collect signatures and how the whole process works will be outlined to everyone who will be collecting signatures.

We discussed meeting next week December 20th for our final GA of 2011, taking the 27th off to be with friends and family over the holidays, and resuming January 3rd.

We discussed what books we wanted to put on our reading list for those interested in gaining a better understanding of what is happening economically at this time.

Finally, we had a generalized discussion on the current state of politics.

December 6th General Assembly


Tonight’s general assembly was small but we discussed:

With lower attendance just maintaining an active presence until the holidays are over and resume marketing Occupy Joplin and planning major events.

Establishing a “reading list” of books to help interested individuals gain more knowledge about the political and economic climate facing us in politics today.

We discussed a possible party name if we decide to run candidates in the election. Possible names were the Action Party, Independent Progressive, and Restoration Party.

November 29th General Assembly Notes


The November 29th General Assembly took place at 7:00 at Joe Muggs Coffee inside of Books-A-Million. Future Assemblies will also take place here. We were joined by Jack and Liz from the outreach committee of Occupy Springfield. There were six in attendance.

  • Reviewed notes from previous GA
  • Discussed newsletter
    • Decided to publish in PDF
    • Might do wordpress module in the future for opt-in
    • Need more (smaller) articles from members, Grant’s were too large
    • 300 words or less for main articles (2)
    • 200 words or less for smaller articles (3)
    • Finish first issue this week
  • Outreach
    • MSSU
      • Discussed connections with progressives there
    • Drinking Liberally
      • Discussed connecting up
    • IBEW
      • We have local chapter, need to reach out to
  • Empire Updates
    • Un-elected commission regulating a monopoly
    • Large profits
    • Large rate-increases as often as possible
    • Possibilities for visibility/demonstration
    • More research required
    • Check to see if unionized
  • Talked about national politics/occupy news
  • Check on state amendments regarding corporate personhood
    • look into and regarding corporate personhood
  • Discussed petitions and initiatives
    • All state rep. districts need only ~200 signatures to run candidates
    • Discussed canvassing to gather petitions, voter drive, etc.
    • Tossed around party names
    • Need clarifications about rules/city council, etc.
  • Visit from Occupy Springfield
    • Liz & Jack shared about their street-cleanup program
    • shared about homeless outreach
      • homeless will be represented with their own occupy committee
      • Liz and Jack advocate for direct-to-needy distribution of donations
    • Occupy Springfield is experiencing a “holiday slump” just like Joplin
    • They are working on a newsletter
    • Occupy 417 is the “publications/marketing” “face” of Occupy Springfield
    • Occupy Springfield did some excellent black-friday actions
      • Poetry slam in Wal-Mart
      • “Buy Local” and “Slave Labor” stickers on products in corporate stores
    • Occupy Springfield would love to have more communication with Occupy Joplin
      • We will be notifying Occupy Springfield of our event times/date/details
      • We will try to send some members to observe an Occupy Springfield GA
      • They meet at 2902 E. Division from 6:00 to 8:30 every Wed.
    • The 99% Declaration recognizes the US Congressional districts, so the Springfield and Joplin branches will need to cooperate when delegate “voting” starts
  • The next Occupy Event will be this Saturday at Panera at 7:00
    • Members need to bring ideas, wording for initiatives, party name ideas, thoughts about the next 6 months, etc.
  • Future GAs will be at 7:00 at Joe Muggs in Books-A-Million until further notice



Reminder! Today’s General Assembly will be at 7:00pm at Joe Mugs inside Books-a-Million. If you do not know where that is the address is: 423 South Range Line Road Joplin, MO 64801.

Occupy Joplin’s 5th General Assembly


The fifth Occupy Joplin General Assembly met Tuesday night at Hastings in Joplin. Maleia served as facilitator, Septus served as timekeeper, Brian served as empath and Eric served as notetaker. Thirteen were in attendance including three new faces.

  • New attendees introduced themselves, expressing interest in the movement and some of their political experience in the past
  • Updates were share about the Occupy movement around the world
    • Occupy Wall Street is encountering a cold snap
    • Occupy Oakland is encountering police resistance
    • Occupy Nashville is encountering judicial resistance
  • Slade & Greg visited Occupy Springfield for an impromptu vigil dedicated to Scott Olsen
    • Scott is a Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, he is hospitalized in critical condition after being hit in the head with a teargas canister
    • Springfield offered several good ideas including
      • Role Playing
      • What to do/how to handle police presence
      • Splitting into multiple “cells” of 2-3 protesters and coming back together at the end of an event
  • Numerous demands from the 4th GA were read and approved or tabled in a line-by-line reading
    • Most were passed, some tabled for further discussion
    • The results and ongoing discussion are in the forums
  • The November 5th event was discussed
    • Nonviolence was affirmed
    • “smart” actions on behalf of protesters was encouraged
    • A head-count was conducted, approximately 8 from the meeting would be in attendance, in addition to friends and those who couldn’t make the GA
    • The press-release was delayed until after the event
    • Other details would be discussed and handled by individuals
  • It was agreed to hold one demonstration every month on the first Saturday of each month for the indefinite future
  • A T-Shirt was demonstrated by Eric, those who wanted one signed a sheet and paid if they were able, others will pay later when they are able
    • The size of the logo would be increased if possible
    • Long sleeve tees are $12, short sleeve are $9, XXL or larger is $2 extra
  • Volunteers for next week are as follows
    • Facilitator: Slade
    • Timekeeper: Grant
    • Notes: Brian
    • Empath: Greg
Actionable items from these notes will be inserted into the Occupy Joplin task list. This post may be updated to reflect corrections.

Successful 3rd General Assembly

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Thirteen were in attendance at our third GA at Hastings on Tuesday night. Grant and Greg served as facilitator for this session. Septus served as timekeeper, Eric served as empath/note-taker and Cameron served as note-taker. Occupy Joplin welcomed four new attendees.

  • Notes from the previous GA were distributed to all new attendees
  • A new consensus decision making handout was distributed with permission from the author
  • We began with introductions again, several offered compelling stories about their interest in OWS/OJ
  • The group was briefed on the consensus decision-making hand signals for time saving purposes… it will use them for upcoming assemblies
  • The events committee offered a handout with “pros” and “cons” for locations for the Nov. 5th protest/event. Locations evaluated were Bank of America on 4th and Rangeline and US Bank on 4th and Main. A vote on the location was delayed until the end of the meeting. The time period of 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. was suggested for the event.
  • Septus, Eric, and anyone else interested will be working on a local “grievances” video compilation project for the next couple weeks to feature on the webpage/FB/youtube
  • Flyers will be handed out at 3rd Thursday, Oct. 20th pending details… Victoria has volunteered to handout fliers
  • Sizes and numbers were collected for T-Shirts, there was support for the simple white design created by Slade, Ron, Eric & others are willing to post the up-front costs in order to get T-Shirts quickly… Cameron will be obtaining a quote from the screen printer
  • A sign-making event has been proposed and approved for Sat. Sep 29th, venue and time TBD. Participants will bring their best ideas as well as materials to use/share.
  • Facebook ads are currently being run on Eric’s ads account, to date it’s shown 100k ads to 10k people around Joplin, he proposed all admins create a new Ads account and buy a $50 FB ads credit from e-bay for $4 to use in the run-up to the Nov 5th event, will discuss with Slade / Maleia
  • The research committee has been posting links to the forums. Greg contacted the Lawyers guild about providing OJ with a lawyer… Unfortunately there aren’t any guild lawyers in Joplin, but the Guild will be able to relay messages to family/friends if an emergency situation does present itself… Also, we will be needing a Civil Lawyer
  • Nothing of note with the PR committee
  • Nothing of note with the Marketing committee
  • Attendees shared several “goings on” in the OWS movement.
    • Cleveland cops provided protesters with tents
    • NYC cops failed to move OWS out of the park for “cleaning”
  • The mission/vision discussion will be resurrected this week for a vote at next general assembly… everyone will do their best to weigh in on the forums, a tally was requested for how many had accounts… 8 or so is the estimate,
  • Support was voiced for a list of demands / manifesto and a solidarity statement
  • In addition/addendum to the Mission/Vision, local goals were discussed and included:
    • Keeping insurance companies accountable for dropping Joplin citizens without due cause
    • Protesting/Investigating Empire Electric
    • FEMA and it’s lack of full-funding for Joplin after the disaster
    • Investigate/protest cuts to important local programs/non-profits including Economic Security, MoDot and mental health organizations
    • Buy Local / Bank Local list was re-proposed, could be part of local goals, it will be given to the research committee
  • Bryan and Greg suggested coordinating a “protest visit” to either Tulsa, Springfield or some other nearby city
  • The next assembly meeting was scheduled for the same place at the same time, Hastings at 8:00pm on Tuesday the 25th
    • Other locations were discussed, including Panera Bread, will be tabled until next meeting, Robert will look into the Panera Bread option
  • The venue and date were proposed and approved for the first protest at 4th and Rangeline, across from Bank of America, time is TBD, other specifics are TBD
    • Emphasis was placed on staying on public property / the sidewalk
  • Serving next week as facilitator will be Septus, time-keeper will be Grant, note-taker will be Ron, Empath will be Robert
An actionable list will be created from these notes/discussions and be distributed through the forums to the committee coordinators. This document may be updated to reflect corrections.